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Martin Lichtfuss - Komponist und Dirigent Martin Lichtfuss - compositeur et chef d'orchestre

About my compositions

I do not feel bound by any particular ideology in my music. On the contrary, my musical imagination is based on a wealth of musical languages, forms of expression and the wide field of current composition techniques.

I try to explore a broadly diversified spectrum of expression by incorporating the most diversified musical trends of our time, and thus giving my music the most varied possible profile. Yet, despite the heterogeneity of the means employed, I always aim to create a distinctive, individual musical idiom. This language is often determined by dance rhythms contrasted with ametric fields of sound. And though the harmony is mostly tonal, it glides into ato-nality time and time again.

Wide range of expression

My primary goal is not to produce something unprecedentedly "new". In-stead I attempt to explore the field of sonic possibilities between simple tri-ads and sharp dissonances or clusters, between monodical melodies and complex polyrhythms, between traditional sound concepts and experimental instrumental techniques, all the way through to the use of electronic sounds. For me the new and exciting perspective of contemporary art lies in the infi-nite variety of possible syntheses powered by different elements and cur-rents.

Synthesis of different elements and currents

If you attempt to capture the inexhaustible spectrum of musical possibility in all its diversity and far removed from ideologically petrified positions, and if you try to conciliate between contradictory, mutually exclusive musical points of view, you inevitably risk missing specific target groups and falling "between the cracks".

This is precisely the situation that interests me.

"between the cracks"…