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Martin Lichtfuss - Komponist und Dirigent Martin Lichtfuss - compositeur et chef d'orchestre

In all my compositions, I deliberately try to transform the opposing forces of contemporary music into a personal idiom. This idiom is often characterized by pulsating rhythms repeatedly crossed by ametric sonic situations. The harmony is mostly free-tonal, and it yet glides into atonality time and again. And if most intimate musical passages consistently feature in my orchestral pieces, my chamber music itself is often suffused with symphonic gesture.




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5 Chansons

for singing voice and piano [ 1994 ]

download score [ pdf-download ]

1. EINEN KRANZ voll butterblumen

2. GANZ VERSTECKT in wildem wein

3. LEBT WOHL, ihr glitzerbusen

4. MYLADY mit dem blauen Hut

5. EIN RITTER rülps

Elisabeth Lang – soprano

Keiko Geber – piano

duration: 17'15"

after H.C. Artmanns »Aus meiner Botanisiertrommel«